Renewed Funding Equals Renewed Hope for Gambling Charity

Gamcare, one of the UK’s most important charities has recently received further support in the form of a new three-year deal that will see it accept £14 million to help it fund the support needed gamblers who are battling problems with addiction.

GambleAware, a UK charity backed by the gambling industry announced that it will be helping to fund the National Gambling Helpline and a countrywide network of treatment services for those living with the issue until 2021.

Working on the Frontline

GamCare is committed to continuing their ground-breaking work and delivery of effective treatment options as well as pioneering a wide range of interventions. It aims to increase its efficiency and effectiveness and hopes that the increased funding and support from the gambling industry will allow it to achieve its ambitious goals.

No matter the form the gambling takes, from online casinos and gaming such Live Betting and FOBT’s the danger is very real and does not take long to develop a serious addiction.

It is estimated by the two organisations that over 400,000 people are living with a gambling addiction with a further two million at risk of developing serious gambling problems.

To make matters worse it has also been recorded that less than 2% of those battling this addiction are receiving help from a specialist service. Many operators, like Slot Games, now display responsible gambling information on their sites for their users.

Ray of Hope

Despite these bleak statistics, the affirmation of this three-year agreement is cause for celebration with the chair of GamCare, Sir Ian Prosser commenting that the company is “…delighted to have signed a new agreement..”

He hopes that this much-needed injection of funds will allow them to preserve with their plans to …”develop and deliver an integrated treatment system…” and provide a personalised service to those that need it most.

Training and Awareness

Since its foundation in 1997, Gamcare has trained researchers and educators as well as counsellors to take a non-judgemental approach to gambling and it strives to continue its Social Responsibility training intended to provide a safe and relatable service that gamblers can access.

It specially designed programmes aim to improve the understanding of problem behaviour and the psychology of addiction, allowing those affected to develop the skills and mental tools necessary to overcome it.

Gamcare is not just a life-saving treatment for those addicted; it is a lifeline for the family and friends of those suffering. They have a dedicated support network in place and are there to provide advice and make recommendations throughout the recovery process.

Looking to the Future

GambleAware has commented on its plans to commission a new aftercare service with the aim of preventing those who are in the recovery process from relapsing. It also intends to offer support to those who have suffered the loss of a loved-one during their battle with addiction by opening a bereavement counselling service.

The value of these funds and the further support that GambleAware is giving cannot be underestimated. By improving and increasing the number of early interventions and treatment options available and also them visible to that in need could make all the difference and help to prevent dangerous addictions from taking hold in the first place.

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